Simple meteor radiant calculator

Originally written in APPLESOFT BASIC in 1985 by Krassimir Gadjokov & Nickolay Kolev,
from Dobrich Amateur Astronomers Club, Bulgaria
for Rada Koprinkova from Iambol Amateur Astronomers Club, Bulgaria.
Translated to JavaScript by Krassimir Gadjokov 2014.
Algorithm: least-square.
NO WARRANTIES for accuracy of the algorithm implementation or the results of execution.

The data file should be a text file. Each of its lines
should have exactly 4 decimal numbers, separated by comma.
These numbers represent the beginning and the end
of the observed meteor in equatorial coordinates:


Example: 300.1,-2.17,0.56,40

To test it, you can download a test data file, save it on your computer
and then point to it with the button below.